Board Approved School Choice Documents SB 04/11/24

Caution: Fillable forms will automatically open in the browser and not save properly.

  1. DOWNLOAD and SAVE the form to your computer (very important to save the form before completing it. It WILL NOT save changes unless you save it first).

  2. Locate the form.

  3. Right click it to select open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using Acrobat Reader is the only way to save your entries in the file properly.

  4. After you complete the form, please email it to the Grade Level Director of the grade requested. Elementary Director – April Martin,, Middle School Director – Floyd Smith,, High School Director – Brian Noack,

  5. Please note, Directors will only consider a transfer request that has a reason selected on the form.

  6. Parents should direct questions to the appropriate Grade Level Director. Elementary – (850) 983-5062, Middle School – (850) 983-5060, High School – (850) 983-5056.

Parents without internet service can pick up and drop off a paper copy of the transfer form from the school where their student is currently enrolled. Those forms will be delivered to the Grade Level Director through courier.

Grade Level Directors
Family Empowerment Scholarship

The Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) Program is now available for low-income, working-class, and middle-income families. View the brochure. To find out if your student qualifies, please visit the FES page, You may also email Mike Thorpe, or call 850.983.5041.