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Appendix A - Index

NOTES-The following symbols are used with certain policies to indicate special information about the policy.




Requirements for Original Entry 5.09+

Admission to Pre-Kindergarten 5.10

Admission to Kindergarten 5.11

Admission to First Grade 5.12

Admission to Postsecondary Applied Technology (Vocational) Programs 5.13*v

Homeless Students 5.14

Student Out Of Zone Transfers/Choice 5.141*

Postsecondary Enrollment Programs 5.142

Military Families 5.18

Student Assignment 5.20

Controlled Open Enrollment 5.22*

Classroom Transfer 5.24

Foreign Exchange Students 5.25

Student Control 5.30

Student Detention, Search, and Seizure 5.31

Zero Tolerance for Crimes and Victimization 5.32

Bullying and Harassment 5.321

Dating Violence and Abuse 5.325

Hazing 5.327

Teacher Removal of Students From Classroom 5.33

Expulsion or Alternative Placement of Students 5.34

Use of Time Out, Isolation, and Secured Seclusion for Students with Disabilities 5.341*

Granting Permission for Students to Leave the School Campus 5.35

Vehicle Use By Students 5.36

Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Communication Devices 5.37

Student Attendance 5.40

Student Development Plan 5.50

Health Services Plan 5.51

Notice of Involuntary Examination 5.55

Student Injuries 5.60

Student Illness 5.61

Administration of Medication 5.62*

Psychotropic Medication 5.621

Medical Marijuana 5.622

HIV, AIDS, or Other Communicable Diseases, Bloodborne Pathogens and Environmental Hazards 5.63

Eye Protection Devices 5.64

Use of Bathrooms and Changing Facilities 5.65

Student Records 5.70*

Directory Information 5.71

Parental Access to Information 5.711

Legal Name of Student 5.72

Athletics 5.80

Drug and Alcohol Testing of Student Athletes 5.81

Anabolic Steroid Testing for Student Athletes 5.82


Employment of Personnel 6.10*+

Tobacco/Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy 6.101

Employment Defined 6.11

Employee Defined 6.111

Year of Service Defined for Administrative and Instructional Personnel 6.13*

The Instructional Staff 6.14*

Employment of Athletic Coaches Who Are Not Full Time Employees of the School Board 6.141*+

Non certificated Instructional Personnel 6.142

Employment of Non-degreed Vocational and Adult Instructional Personnel 6.143*+

Teacher Assistants and Paraprofessionals 6.144*

Substitute Teachers 6.145*

Assisting Teachers to Become Highly Qualified 6.15+

Appointment or Employment Requirements 6.17*

Physical Examinations 6.171

Employment of School Bus Operators 6.172*

Responsibilities of School Bus Operators 6.173*

Contracts: Instructional and Administrative Personnel 6.18*

Probationary Status for Educational Support Personnel 6.181

Certification of Administrative and Instructional Personnel 6.20*

District Certificates 6.21*+

Teaching Out-of-Field 6.22+

Professional Ethics 6.27*

Use of Social Media 6.28

Report of Misconduct 6.29*

Violation of Local, State, and/or Federal Laws 6.30

Conflict of Interest in Purchasing 6.301

Antifraud 6.302+

Conflict of Interest Determination Request Guidelines 6.303

Records and Reports 6.31*

Telephone Calls, Electronic Communications, and Facsimiles 6.32

Alcohol and Drug-free Workplace 6.33

Political Activities of Employees 6.34

Grievance Procedure for Personnel 6.35*+

Complaints Against Employees 6.36*+

Suspension and Dismissal 6.37

Personal Business on School Time 6.38

Assessment of Employees 6.40*

Leave of Absence 6.50*+

Leave Application 6.501*

Approval of Leaves 6.502*

Notification of Absence 6.51*

Absence Without Leave 6.511*

Resignations 6.52

Effective Date for Leave, Suspension, or Termination 6.521*

Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) 6.531

Annual Leave 6.541*

Family and Medical Leave 6.542*

Illness-or-Injury-in-Line-of-Duty Leave 6.543

Jury/Witness Duty 6.544*

Military Leave 6.545*

Personal Leave 6.546*

Professional Leave 6.547*

Sick Leave 6.549*

Temporary Duty 6.55*+

Transportation Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing 6.60*+

HIV, AIDS, or Other Communicable Diseases, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Environmental Hazards 6.61+

Nursing Mothers 6.65+

Staff Training 6.70+

Whistleblower Protection 6.75

Name and Address of Employee 6.80

Social Security Numbers 6.88*

Personnel Files 6.90

Salary Schedules 6.91*

Sick Leave Bank 6.911

Terminal Sick Leave and Annual Leave Pay 6.912

Use of Sick Leave by Family Members or Employees 6.913

Utilization of Sick Leave 6.915

Health Insurance Premiums 6.92

Transfers 6.93