Pre-K Program

Pre K Disabilities 3 to 5 / IDEA Part B / School Based Instruction

Santa Rosa County District Schools serve children identified with a disability from 3 years of age to 5 years of age by September 1 in a full day school based program. There are a variety of classrooms in Santa Rosa County ESE PreK to include, CBSA (curriculum, behavior, social, academics), VE (varying exceptionality) for 3 and 4 year old students, Blended Classes for students who are transitioning to a general education kindergarten classroom, and a LEAPS classroom (Listen to Directions, Exhibit Focus, Ask for Help, Play Nice, and Stay Safe). Classroom environments vary for number of students based on the needs of the classroom. Each classroom is comprised of at least one certified teacher and one paraprofessional. ESE PreK classrooms are located in the school zone in which the child lives or the next closest school to their home zone. Currently programs are located at TR Jackson Pre K Center, Benny Russell Elementary, East Milton Elementary, Rhodes Elementary, Gulf Breeze Elementary, Holley Navarre Primary, East Bay, West Navarre Primary, and West Navarre Intermediate schools.

We have children who receive ESE Pre K Services while in Head Start and in Voluntary Pre K Classes. We also have a large number of children who require speech only services who are served by parents bringing their student in for therapy to their local elementary school.

Children in this program must meet the eligibility criteria set by Florida Department of Education State Board Rule. Our referrals come from the Early Steps Program for Birth to Three Years of Age, a school-based referral team if they are currently in a program such as Head Start, or through Child Find. Any parent with a developmental concern for their child can call Child Find and request a screening. The contact number for Santa Rosa County Child Find is (850) 983-5163.