Current Openings
​Please Note:
  1. Current Food Service Employees requesting a transfer will be considered first. Please apply by the expiration date. (District Employees must also fill out a "Request for Transfer" with Asst. Superintendent, Joey Harrell’s Office.)

  2. If you are a “Current Employee" or a “Permanent Extra Sub” and wish to be considered for a posted position leave your name, phone # and position/hours you wish to be considered for with Kathy @ (850) 983-5150 ext. 7121.

  3. If you are a “New applicant” and wish to be considered for a posted position, please submit an online application by clicking on the APPLY NOW button.

  4. A list of qualified applicants will be distributed to the Human Resources Manager for interviews. Managers will recommend qualified applicants to the Food Service Office (FSO). The FSO will finalize the selection for the position. Notices will be mailed to the selected applicant regarding effective date of permanent position.

  5. Once chosen and approved for a position, employee will not be considered for transfer for 90 operational days unless approved by the Food Service Director.