to enter kindergarten

Your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2024 to attend kindergarten.


  • Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form 680)
  • Parent's valid picture ID (needed to enter school building)
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Proof of residence (current utility bill within the last 30 days)
  • Child's social security card (optional)

Please plan to BRING YOUR CHILD with you so they can complete a quick screening (letters, sounds, and numbers).

what's required prior to the first day of school
  • Complete an online application via the FOCUS Parent Portal
  • Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form 680)
  • Physical examination within the last 12 months recorded on the Florida Department of Health Form DH3040
  • Custody papers (if applicable)
is my child ready for kindergarten

Can they:

  • Spell first AND last name
  • Identify colors
  • Hold a pencil the correct way
  • Follow 2-3 step instructions
  • Draw a picture and tell about it
  • Count to 100 Recite ABCs
  • Recognize letters
  • Write letters (mainly uppercase)
  • Know right from left
  • Know basic shapes
  • Follow along in a book
  • Cut with scissors correctly
  • Dress Themselves
  • Tie shoes