SRPE Master Contract 22-23 final version 03-09-2023

SRPE 22-23 Master Contract Signature Page

SRPE Ratification Documents

On November 29, 2022, the Santa Rosa County School Board and Santa Rosa Professional Educators (SRPE) reached a 22-23 tentative agreement to revise the Master Contract for the term of August 11, 2020 to August 10, 2023 for instructional employees. All other items discussed during prior negotiation sessions that are not included in this agreement have been dropped by both sides. The tentatively agreed upon document will be presented to the School Board by Superintendent Barber at the December 8, 2022 meeting with a request for School Board action (approval) to be considered pending final ratification by the instructional bargaining unit. By reaching this tentative agreement, SRPE has the opportunity to present the contract to the bargaining unit for ratification. SRPE will be distributing details regarding the ratification process to the bargaining unit. Please contact SRPE representatives ( if you have questions or need further assistance concerning the settlement details and/or ratification process. Please note that any formatting, grammar and/or typographical issues will be addressed and corrected during the production of the final signature copy along with any corrections to the table of contents in the revised contract.

FRS Longevity Supplement—Not able to use as in prior years

All Instructional employees over 31+ are included in the totals due to regulations put in place for the use of longevity supplements by SB 2524. The negotiated 21-22 longevity supplements have been incorporated into the 22-23 proposed salary schedule.

All increases will be retroactive to July 1, 2022.

Employees with an effective date after June 30, 2022 were already placed on their correct level based on years of qualified service and will not move forward based on the final settlement.

All negotiated supplements and advanced degree pay will be tied to the amount agreed to by both parties as part of this settlement. The HB 641 teacher minimum salary of $47,500 will not be considered as the basis for any negotiated supplements.

Employees are allowed 60 days from the date of ratification to have experience verification forms complete and in the Human Resource Office for pay purposes. Experience received will not be credited until the beginning of the payroll cycle after receipt of the verification. Retroactive pay will not be considered. Verification of creditable years of experience is defined as those years an individual received a “satisfactory” or higher overall performance evaluation from an accredited institution as evidenced on a verifiable document from the previous employer. To be eligible for one (1) year of creditable service, the employee must provide documentation showing they worked 1 day more than one-half of their full-time contract year. Partial year credit is not awarded.