do I need a code to join SchoolStatus Connect?

You DO NOT need to sign up for SchoolStatus Connect! We've already taken care of that for you. If you are being asked for a join code, you are in the wrong place. Instead, you will automatically begin receiving communications from us via email or text message. If you'd like to view all communications directly in SchoolStatus Connect, plus more - please click the link from the communication(s) you receive, then follow the steps to login and update your profiles and preferences.

In case you were wondering...

Do I have to download the SchoolStatus Connect app in order to receive notifications?

  • You do not have to download the app in order to receive messages. As a pre-identified user, you will get announcements via email and SMS text preview. However, if you want to be able to have full use of the platform (i.e. messaging the teacher, signing up for volunteering, viewing the classroom calendar, etc), you will want to download the application.

Can I update my child’s information in SchoolStatus Connect?

  • No. If you wish to update information on your student, you must do so in the FOCUS Parent Portal. Any updated information in FOCUS will be synced to SchoolStatus each night.

If a parent who has an updated phone number in FOCUS but is still not receiving the notification texts. What should they do?

  • Have the parent to open their FOCUS Parent portal.
  • Find the child you wish to view/work with.
  • Click on CHILD INFO
  • Click on the blue hyperlinked parent that needs to be updated.
  • On the row with “CELL PHONE” check the option that is labeled “NOTIFICATION TEXT.”
  • Then click SAVE.

Each parent of a child has their own parent account, so each parent will have to update their own info. For example, I’ve updated mine, but my husband will have to log in and update his own.

Will parents/guardians still get daily attendance calls?

  • YES. This will occur much like the old platform, using the attendance data from FOCUS that has been entered each day from the school site.