School Board Meeting Information

School Board Meetings take place in the

  • Board Room (5086 Canal Street, Milton FL 32570)

  • or in the cafeteria of Woodlawn Beach Middle School (1500 Woodlawn Way, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563)

  • or in the cafeteria of Central School (6180 Central School Rd.,┬áMilton, FL 32570).

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Latest Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Videos
School Board Policy 3.41

School Board Policy 3.41
No person shall knowingly disrupt or interfere with a School Board function. This includes persons who knowingly advise, counsel, or instruct any student or School Board employee to disrupt any function or activity. The School Board chairperson, Superintendent, or designee shall inform a person who is disrupting or interfering with a School Board function or activity that he or she may be found guilty of a second degree misdemeanor. The person shall be advised to immediately leave the school premises or facility where the function is being conducted. (1) Any person who purchased an admission ticket to a school event shall forfeit his or her rights under this rule by having disrupted or interfered with the event. (2) Any person who has been given notice by a school official and either fails to leave the premises or leaves the premises and subsequently returns to the premises shall be deemed a trespasser.

School Board Policy 2.22

School Board Policy 2.22
IX. Members of the public shall have an opportunity to address the School Board at a public meeting regarding any proposition before the Board. Speakers shall adhere to the rules established by the Board in accordance with Florida Statutes.
X. It is unlawful to knowingly disrupt or interfere with a School Board meeting, and any such action may result in a misdemeanor offense of the second degree. This includes individuals who advise, counsel, or instruct students or School Board employees on techniques for disrupting a School Board meeting.

State Laws:FL Statute 286.0114, andFL Statute 877.13